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Fast Track Courses

Our day courses are available for students on a strict schedule, flying in from out of town, have PMU experience, have beauty industry experience, fast learners and who need a more budget friendly course. These courses are typically one to one or with a small group of students. The course is scheduled due to what the instructor has available and catered to your schedule as well. We have individual course packets for each of these courses, please tap "enroll" to send us an email and get more information directly from the school.

1 day advanced course $1200

Class is available for Advancted students who need training in a new technique.

3 day multiple technique course $2258

In this course you will learn microblading, microshading and combo brows. You are given access to online learning before attending the course.


See "Continued Education" page to learn more about the internship opportunites at Unique Brow Design Academy

2 day basic course $1758

This class is for a student who wants to learn one technique only, like microblading only or microshading only. You are given access to online learning before attending the course.

5 day course $4300

In this class you will learn microbalding, microshading, combo brows and lip blushing.


This program is an invite only opportunity for students that excel in our internship program. You are hired as an independent contractor and can work under our license and bring in your own clientele under our guidance.

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